Emergency Rental Assistance Program

Status Definitions

Applicant Review Stage



You have successfully submitted your application for review. Your application has been received and will be assigned to a representative for review.

Missing Documentation

You need to upload required documentation to complete your application. In some cases, if you have already uploaded documentation, your submission might not meet the program’s criteria. If your documentation is not readable (e.g., blurry) or is incomplete (e.g., missing information or a section cut off), it will be considered missing. Check your email or call if you need further assistance.

Final Review

We have received all the required documents from you and your file appears to be complete. A review team member will conduct a final check to ensure that all program requirements are met before approving your application for payment. If we need additional information, you will receive an email from us requesting an update.

Payment Processing

We are in the process of preparing the electronic payment to your landlord or utility company. If you or your landlord will be receiving a printed check, it may take additional time for the check to be prepared. Please note, mail delivery times can vary depending on the USPS delivery schedule in your area.

Please do not contact the State Treasurer’s Office for an update on your payment – all updates will be provided by the program. If there is a change in your payment information, please call us.


Payment Sent

The payment for this application has been processed and has been sent by mail or via direct deposit.

Closed Out – Application Closed (Missing Documents)

We have reached out to you requesting additional documentation. Our records indicate that you have not submitted the required documents to complete your application, therefore your application has been closed. Please submit the requested missing documentation ASAP for further consideration. If you do not submit documents by the date provided, you may be asked to create a new application.

Not Eligible

This application can be found ineligible for several reasons including incomplete documentation, application time out, over-income, non-compliance, etc. If you are in denial pending, you have an opportunity to appeal the decision. If you are in close out finalized or denied, you will need to reapply if you still need assistance.